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Instituto Henriqueta Teixeira



Achilles tendon rupture: an underrated complication of corticosteroid treatment

D M Newnham, J G Douglas, J S Legge, J A R Friend


Ten patients attending outpatient clinics who were taking oral corticosteroids ruptured their Achilles tendon in the course of 12 years. It is suggested that Achilles tendon rupture is a complication of corticosteroid treatment. Oral corticosteroid treatment has many side effects but Achilles tendon rupture is not widely recognised as one of them. Several patients with chronic airflow obstruction attending our hospital clinics were noted to have non-traumatic Achilles tendon ruptures while having long term oral corticosteroid treatment. We have reviewed our clinic population and found that during 12 years 10 patients had an Achilles tendon rupture related to steroid treatment.

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